Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thirty Days of Gratitude in the Home -- Day 9

Thankfulness is a house full of guests for Christmas. Thankfulness is being able to set up a skype connection with dear children who were with in-laws in other towns for Christmas. Thankfulness is being able to connect with other children by phone on the day.

Thankfulness is a really, truly white Christmas. I'm not sure if I've experienced one before or not, though I have seen snow somewhere around Christmas time. Of course, when I was proud of our quarter inch of snow, my son-in-law laughed and opened his front door to show me, via skype, the six inches of Chicago's white Christmas. But, if you have enough white to make things look like a post card, it's a bona fide white Christmas!!

But, the deepest thankfulness is the wonder that God really poured his splendor into the womb of a young virgin in Israel roughly 2,000 years ago and, thus, He brought Jesus, into the world. Immanuel, one of His names, really is God with us, come from heaven to experience a human life, only without sin.

Just thinking about that is food for hours of contemplation and prayer and thankfulness, as well as motivation to be there with others, as Jesus is with us.


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