Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Journal Day....

Outside my window: The birds are singing like crazy. Our cat has been in a spring tizzy, wanting outside as much as possible. And, I am loving the warmer weather, myself. I think rain is moving in, which will be good for the garden but will mean that I will need to take all my activities indoors.

Homemaking tasks: I tried to get the jump on spring cleaning, but was lagging a bit. The weather is inspiring me to get going! There are cabinets to clean out and closets to organize and...

What's cooking: An organically grown, fee-range roast chicken.

For my quiet times: I'm still focusing on Jesus. I've chosen Jesus as the theme and focus of my year.

I am happy: I'm happy because jury duty is over. I sat on a felony murder trial last week; the situation was very sad.

In the garden: I'm turning a salad garden into a rose bed. I'm taking it very slowly. I also planted some gladiola bulbs and some peonies.

What's your day like?


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