Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday on Tuesday:

Simple Woman's Daybook:

Outside my window: We had another in a long line of unusually cool days. The predicted high was only 81 degrees. We've also had more rain this year. I actually like this cooler trend, as it keeps the trees, grass, and flowers looking lush. Having a summer this cool does make me wonder what the winter will bring, though.

I am really enjoying and am thankful for: the bluebonnets that are blooming in a container on my deck. I brought the seeds back from a trip to Texas. I'm also thankful for the butterfly weed that is blooming in a container on the edge of my raised garden bed.

I am thinking: How much I enjoyed dinner and doing a few errands with my beloved hubby tonight. I'm also thinking how nice it is to spend a cozy sprinkly evening indoors.

From the kitchen: I picked a perfect squash from garden today and need to cook it soon. I also was about to harvest another squash and a beautiful tomato when I realized that some little creatures had gotten to them ahead of me.

I am wearing khaki colored capris with a bit of embroidery at the bottom and a white embroidered tunic.

I am hearing: the movie I'm watching with my beloved hubby, as well as the buzz of the dryer saying that I need to attend to it soon.

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