Monday, May 25, 2009

Here's a Great Idea: Keeping a Kitchen Journal

I took this photo along a trial up to an overlook on the Natchez Trace on May 23. It doesn't have anything to do with today's post, but I thought I'd attach it anyway. I love all of the tiny flowers and fruits that God scatters everywhere in His world.

Back to the subject at hand: I read a post in which the author suggested keeping a notebook handy in your kitchen in order to jot down thoughts that come to you while you are working, your family's particular likes and dislikes, and any notes you want to make about recipes, etc.

This made total sense to me, as I always seem to think of things that I need to jot down while I am in the kitchen. Rather than trying to carry my calendar or notebook with me, it would be easier if I just kept a notebook in the kitchen specifically for that purpose. The only problem with that is that you do need to make sure that you transfer any pertinent "to-dos" to your calendar or master to-do list.

This subject reminds me of an idea I wish I had known as a young bride. I read about a woman who used one main cookbook. Every time she referred to a recipe in it, she jotted down a few phrases in the margin. Her notes were about such subjects as how the recipe turned out, who in her family liked it, who was there to eat the finished product, if the dish was prepared for a special occasion or holiday, any changes she made to the recipe, little things her children might have said or done that day, notes about the weather (She lived in the Colorado mountains, I think), and any other little snippets she wanted to include about the day's events. She didn't write large entries -- just a sentence or two. I'm sure some favorite recipes accumulated many little thoughts recorded in the white spaces on the page. Though I don't think this was her intention, this cookbook became a treasured diary of family happenings. After many years of using this book, she had recorded many precious memories.

Wives and mothers are busy people, and they sometimes don't have time to keep journals or elaborate scrapbooks.
But, you can usually get a few minutes in the kitchen to jot down a little note. If you don't mind writing in a favorite cookbook, this might be an easy and quick way for you to keep a home diary. Just write down one or two sentences or phrases, and be sure to date them.

What about you? Have you found some quick and easy ways to record memories? Is it important to you to record them on paper, or do you store them in your heart? Or, are you a person who prefers to live in the now, rather than to meditate on memories -- happy or otherwise. We are all different in this area. Share with us your thoughts and ideas.




TopazTook said...

I type faster than I write by hand -- my blog, whether in public entries or those that are private -- serves as my memory for some things (and I have backed it up). I used quotes and memories from it to make a photo book last year from Shutterfly and want to do more of that when I find the time.

Buffy said...

What a charming story about the cookbook! I try to note down a few things that happen every day, just 2 or 3, to look back on.

Elizabeth said...

From one Elizabeth to another...for my kids, I have them fill notebooks with schoolwork, and just journals of their thoughts. I too like to write things down when I think of them. My problem is always finding where I wrote it down later!! I enjoy reading your blog. I'd really like to start scrapbooking too, and I think I've been using my two blogs alot to record my thoughts and ideas about things!