Friday, August 08, 2008

It's Feminine Friday again! This week's challenge is to think of something outside of your home that makes you feel feminine.

Well, there are so many ways to go with this creative theme:

Relationship with God
Beautiful things in nature
Picnics alone with DH, with DH and children, with friends
Horses, cats, chicks, peacocks, baby animals of almost any kind
Roses! Roses! Roses! Roses!
Babies! Smiling Babies!
Touring old historic homes and getting ideas from the things you learn about the women who created them.
Lovely old shops full of lovely books and lovely things
Romantic restaurants
Small simple old church buildings
People singing meaningful old hymns together
Seeing where my parents grew up
Walking hand in hand with DH on the beach
Weeping Willows
Outdoor symphonies and other outdoor musical events
Visiting with elderly women, who pass on the wisdom they learned in a lifetime of being a woman

I'm one who always feels womanly when outdoors, around nature, and around simple things. But, I do have another side to my femininity: Y'all didn't seriously think that I would let this opportunity pass without posting pictures of my favorite feminine city --Paris --now did you? LOL

The pictures above are all from the Palace of Versailles. I tried to persuade Dearest Hubby that we could re-create this look in our dining room. I reasoned that all it would take would be a few trips to Home Depot for some paint. For some reason, he didn't go for it. Wonder why he didn't think we could do it? Giggles.



Kelly said...


Those pictures are absolutely breathtaking! What I wouldn't give to have that in my home! ;o) I doubt Ed would go for it either, LOL. I totally was so inspired by many of the things that you listed as feminine - hymns, simple churches, romantic restaurants, walking on the beach. Beautiful!

Have a super weekend!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for creating Feminine Friday. It's fun to read everyone's answers.

Angie said...

Beautiful pictures... I love them