Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blogger Book Club

In an earlier post I mentioned that Hadeas is hosting a book club and the current selection is an online tome called, "Thrift in the Home."

We're currently in Chapters 3-5. The chapters are short, so it's not too late to catch up.

Here are some thoughts from this week's readings.

"Managing is the art and science of using to best advantage what has been brought into the house."

Aha moment...The home manager really is a manager, just as a manager in a corporation is. The capable homemaker is able to oversee all aspects of the home in a way that makes the home flow smoothly, function economically, and provide nurturing of relationships. It's better to be able to bring all aspects together into a functioning household reasonably well than to excel in this area or that to the neglect of the larger picture. This means the home manager needs to pay attention to both the overall goal and the small details in everything she does.

"A good manager makes things comfortable. Her mind is easy, and, therefore, she produces ease."

Aha moment...But, in her management, it does not serve her for her to be uptight, anxious, or indecisive.

"She who has learned to prevent little leaks (the economic kind, not the water kind) has learned how to make the dollars count..."

"One common mistake for the would-be devotee of thrift is for the homemaker to cook too much at once."

Aha moment...I've got to quit planning and cooking as if my children were still at home. I have too many leftovers when I cook for just DH and myself, and, though I have good intentions of using them, I throw too much away. I either need to cut back on the portions I cook or cook enough to freeze for later use -- but not end up with something in between. I also need to plan better, because we are at a stage in life and in a role where we may find ourselves either having people over unexpectedly or eating out with someone when I thought I was going to cook.


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Hadias said...

It is so hard for me to have left overs by accident. With four children and a hard working husband, I have to deliberatly cook a few extra pieces of this or that. Whomever is not reading this book is certainly missing out on valuable knowledge.

Managing the home is something that is not inherently passed down from mother to daughter. It has to be taught and learned.

Not only that but, the homemaker must continually educate herself in order to become more efficient at what she does. Most companies train their employees when they are hired a periodically throughout their careers. We must look at what we do in the same manner.

Thank you for commenting on my blog and elaborating here on yours. I love to hear the perspectives of all who are participating.