Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Up and up the car climbed over the grassy road, not as on a steep hill, but a steady slope so gradual that only when Noel stopped the car did she realize that they were on the top of such an elevation. In three directions they could look over the fertile country with its prosperous farm homes. Acres of plowed land and acres of green wheat divided the land into checkerboard squares. Far to the north, the silver thread of a river shone through willows. The spires of three country churches pointed upward, remindingly, to the heavenly blue of the sky. To the east only a smoky haze told tales of the city. On the south side of the road, a sloping apple orchard, like a great pink-and-white nosegay, filled the girl with ecstasy.

"Oh!" Leah Lindsey stood up in the car. "did you ever see such a beauty place?

"Can you see anything up there?" he asked. "Anything that isn't there?"

"Of course! A house -- little low house! How absurd a tall one would be. It's shingled and stained. The sides are apple-blossom white and the roof is green, as if all the leaves from the apple trees had tumbled on it. There are windows everywhere for the blossoms to look in. Inside the house there are gay chintz curtains and books and a corner cupboard and shiny pans and clean milk crocks! And down the back path are hollyhocks and blue cornflowers!"

From "Their House of Dreams" by Bess Streeter Aldrich


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