Monday, March 05, 2007

One post turned into three....

This morning, I read something in a book about marriage that sparked some musings. The topic I pondered was how we can love our husbands and sons by understanding and appreciating the boyish side of their nature.

Well, before I knew it, out had come enough material for three posts! I thought I'd go ahead and publish them all at once. That way, you can read one or all at your leisure.



Julieann said...

Hi Elizabeth--I am going to come back tonight, and read the posts--I look forward to read what you have written:)


Terri said...

Hi, Elizabeth-

I've really enjoyed reading these posts on a man's boyishness. It has helped open my eyes both towards my husband and my youngest son. Thanks-


Elizabeth said...

Hi Juliann and Terri,

I'm glad you enjoyed these osts.

Elizabeth said...

Oops, that should be posts!