Saturday, December 30, 2006


My Shining Knight, aka dear hubby, has never been one to focus on his clothing. But, he does need to look presentable for his work and for other reasons. Both of us have realized lately that he has worn almost everything in his wardrobe until it all looked downright shabby.

So, you can imagine how very blessed we felt when he received some gift certificats and a little cash for Christmas expressly for the purpose of getting some needed clothing.

DH was excited about using the simple guidelines listed in the outside link I referred to in an earlier post: What Every Man Needs in His Wardrobe. When I posted it on my blog, I also forwarded the link to him, and it helped him understand the core wardrobe concept. He already had a few items on the suggested list, but he needed to pick up several more basics. So, we hit the sales today. We found some fantastic deals. And, using the simple core wardrobe principles in the article, we were able to work out some very practical and stylish options for him for a very modest sum.

Tonight, DH has been ultra busy cleaning out his closet and shining shoes. He has thrown away everything that doesn't fit anymore, as well as everything that saw its prime a long time ago. He is packing away a few things to wear after we reach our 2007 goal of getting in better shape. So, all that's left in his closet are items that he is wearing in the present. His side of our walk-in closet looks so neat and orderly, and there is lots of empty space on his side. He will be able to quickly pull out exactly what he needs. And, since everything coordinates, he can get a lot of wear out of a few items.

I think this is one of the few times in our marriage DH has worn me out clothing shopping. LOL.

Santa has inspired me to do a little re-arranging, too. I have a dressing table that was my late mother's. I made a cover for it, and I placed my glass tray with perfumes on top of it and stored my hair dryer and curlers inside. But, I did not have a mirror on it, so I never used it as a real dressing table. This year, I asked for a lighted mirror for Christmas, and I received one. So, yesterday, I set up my dressing table with the mirror on it. This morning, it was a treat to sit down at the table and to arrange my appearance for today. The table makes getting ready easier. It frees up some bathroom space for my Shining Knight. It inspires me, because its old fashioned look is so feminine. And, it reminds me of my dear mother, who bought it shortly after she and my father were married. I'm going to keep playing with the items on top of my dressing table and on the other surfaces in my bedroom until I come up with the most pleasing arrangement.

Through Christmas presents, I was also able to provide some other little touches for our bedroom.

I have been inspired by these events. I want to start a gradual overhall of closets, drawers, pantry, cupboards, etc., in January. I will have to be diligent about finding bits of time to start this neatening process, as this month is already full before it starts: jury duty, a retreat, hostessing a gathering of DH's siblings, DH's birthday, etc. But, something about starting the new year always makes me want to dive into spring cleaning.

An aha moment that might amuse any British readers: All of my life, I have heard people say, "If you're in for a penny, you're in for a pound." I was talking to my son the other day, and I used that very same phrase. But, the more I pondered what I had said, the more curious I became. I was picturing a penny coin and a one pound mark on the scale or a penny and some nebulous something that weighs one pound. I was having trouble putting these two ideas together, and I even wondered if I got the expression right. Then, it finally dawned on me - - the pound is a one pound note! Aha! After all of these years, I finally understood what this phrase means. I suppose it must be a holdover from when we were British colonies and actually used "pounds" as a denomination of money. Does anyone know why we haven't long since changed it to "In for a dime, in for a dollar"?


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Anonymous said...

Lol, I didn't know that this expression was used in the US.

Hope hubby enjoys his new clothes.

Happy New Year.