Friday, November 17, 2006

Joyful Consumption -- Baked Brie

It's fun being inspired by my daughter, who is a young bride! She mentioned the other day she was going to serve baked brie for a function. That reminded me of how much I have loved baked brie at parties. So, when we had a small gathering over for dinner last night, I decided to serve baked brie, myself. Oddly, when I got to the store, I found that the price of a pre-prepared (Is that redundant?) brie was the same as a basic brie. So, by the time I would have added ingredients, it was cheaper to buy the brie already with the fruit and nuts inside and the pastry wrapped around it. I had great fun serving it, though I must admit that I chose to serve it to a particular group that wasn't exactly enamored with the idea of cheese for dessert. Still, it was fun to offer something outside of my normal repertoire. Trying brie wasn't on my feminine challenge list (See Emma's blog about that), but it was an impromptu choice that gave me a lot of domestic fun. I'm trying to serve and to eat higher quality foods in smaller quanties and more slowly.

An addendum to the joyless consumption post of yesterday. Has everyone heard about the few stampeding and robbing incidents that have taken place in the U.S. in conjunction with the offering of Play Station 3? Of course, we have to keep this in perspective. Considering how many people were waiting in line for Play Station 3 nationwide, these were only two or three isolated events. I understand that bidding for PS3's are going crazy on E-Bay, so some people must have bought them in order to sell them at higher prices.



Emma said...

Baked Brie is delish! I have never had it with fruit and nuts before... we'll have to try that soon:)


Anonymous said...

I love brie too. I like baked goats cheese, that is delicious.

I knew that PS3 is out soon, I can imagine there will be quite the stampede just before Christmas!

Belle-ah said...

Your ispiration sounds delightful! In regards to the PS3 incident I was amazed. It is something completely escapes me. Oh well, to each his own.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Emma,

I think you'll enjoy it with fruits and nuts. Let me know if you try it.

Hi Mrs. Blythe, I haven't tried baked goats cheese. I'll have to try that sometime.

Hi Belle-ah

The brie was delightful. The furor over PS3 escapes me, as well -- particularly the violence in connection with it.