Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Today is our Anniversary!

DH and I are very grateful to God for 26 wonderful years together!

We are actually celebrating tomorrow night, so, today, I'm pulling together some ideas to make the time special for DH. He surprised me this morning with a card that he's been saving for awhile.

I have always believed that God brought DH to the city where I grew up so that we would meet at church and eventually marry. We were reflecting last night how funny it is that we have been married for longer than we were alive before we got married! Sometimes, it seems like just yesterday since we said, "I do." Other times, I am amazed at all of the living -- all of the adventures, all of the good times, and all of the hard times -- that have been packed into 26 years. I wouldn't want to be going through life with anyone else.

Our anniversaries bring out the romantic in DH. Now DH is a very large, very rugged, very practical engineer, and he claims that he is not at all romantic. But, just between you and me and the blog-o-sphere, I will tell you a secret: He is romantic at heart. He even sheds a tear or two every time he sees the last scene in "You've Got Mail".

On our seventh anniversary, DH handed me a box with a complete outfit -- including boots -- from an Australian clothing company that I especially liked. Then, he took me out to dinner at an Australian restaurant. From there, we went on to a lovely hotel for a night away. He had prearranged babysitting so that I didn't have to worry. Lest you think we went on an exotic tour, I must mention that the Australian clothes and the Australian meal were purchased right in our then home city in Alabama.

Last year was another example of how romantic DH is. DD, DS, and friends surprised us with a Paris-themed 25th anniversary party. DD did a lot of the organization, and I was so proud of how she pulled everything together. Anyhow, I wasn't supposed to know, but already did, that DH had purchased two tickets for us to go to Paris in March. The tickets were unbelievably inexpensive thanks to frequent flier miles that Dh logged in the days before miles had an expiration date. After a year or two, DH left the job that kept him in the air so much so that he wouldn't have to be away from our young family. But, we were delighed to use the points he earned way back when.

Last year's anniversary was the beginning of a big year for our family. DS and DD graduated from college in May. DD married a wonderful young man in June. DS took a new job in a new city and moved there in August. He is planning to marry a wonderful young lady.

DH is a hero to me. I've seen him sacrifice a lot for the sake of following God and for our family. I know it's a cliche, but I can truly say that I love him even more deeply now than I did on our wedding day.

Some years, we celebrate our anniversaries on a lavish scale; sometimes, we keep things simple. But, it's always sweet to share another milestone with DH.



Jacran Cottage said...

Your DH sounds like a wonderful man, you are indeed blessed.

Wishing you very happy anniversary, with so many more to come!

Jackie in ON

Mississippi Girl said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope you've had a wonderful day!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Jennifer and Jackie for the anniversary wishes. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved to read this story, have a wonderful time together :)

Belle-ah said...

What a wonderful tribute to your marriage and your special dh! Happy Anniversary!

Sandra said...

Happy Anniversary Elizabeth, even though I'm a little late. It does sound like you have a wonderful husband and family. Enjoy it all!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks to all who wished us a happy anniversary. DH and I shared a very romantic date to celebrate. I think I'm still glowing from the happy experience.