Monday, August 28, 2006

From Bluing to (Grand) Babies: Musings on Two Totally Different Subjects

An addendum to my post on bluing. I noticed on my Mrs. Stewart's bottle of bluing that it can be used in swiming pools, bird baths, for white hair (remember bluing counteracts drabness and yellowing), for white-coated pets, and for cleaning crystal and glass. Their web site said farmers use it in troughs, because it has a slight algicide in it. Now, I've only used bluing for the laundry, and I don't plan to use it for anything else in the near future. But, the fact that the manufacturers claim that it is safe enough for these things does strengthen my perception that it is a very gentle household product.

I have a friend who shared how precious the following passage has become to her: But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD's love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children's children-with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts. Psalm 103:17-18
She has been through some challenging times in the past few years, so she has been meditating on verses that remind her of God's love. Lately, she has been thinking about this one.
My friend has a toddler grandchild, a newborn grandchild, and a third grandchild on the way. She said, with excitment, "Now, I'm starting to have names to think of when I consider that God's love is with my children's children! Of course, I love them so very much. But, I'm so grateful to know that God's love is with them even more than mine is. His love never fails."
Her words inspired me. I have a newlywed daughter and a son who may soon be engaged to get married, Lord willing. So, if the Lord blesses me with grandchildren, it might be in the next few years. Soon, I may have names to put with the phrase "my children's children", too.
I have always loved psalm 103. I've always loved this particular promise and have often prayed about my future grandchildren. The moment I had my first child, I knew that grandchildren would likely come one day. But, that day always seemed a little nebulous and far away. Now, as more and more of my peers are having grandchildren, the concept is taking definite shape in my mind. And, I am so very grateful that God's love will be with my children's children.
The other day, I was giving in to frustration and moodiness. The thought of this promise snapped me to attention. I don't want to indulge in any form of faithlessness. I want to stay close to God and enjoy how his love surrounds our family.
If your children are too young to be married, you may be too busy raising them to think much about future generations. But, I've learned that it's never too soon to start praying for your grandchildren. And, it's never too early to lean on this promise.



mrsnesbitt said...

Hi elizabeth, wishing you well from UK>

Thanks for your comment on my blog, when we were out on the motorbike yesterday I took some pictures, just for you of the North York Moors, hope you enjoy taking a look!


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Thanks, Mrs. Nesbit. I'll be sure to drop by your site for a look.


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