Thursday, September 24, 2009

The wanderer comes home...

After spending several days and nights indoors, our cat became a little stir-crazy. She also reverted to cat schedule, and wondered why we were not eager to play at 4:30 AM. So, when she asked to go out on Sunday afternoon, I obliged and opened the door for her. I did not expect that she would stay gone until later this afternoon, when she finally answered my call for her. I was just a short time away from putting up "Lost Cat" signs.

Her absence was a little concerning considering that it rained off and on for four days in a row. Not only that, but she does have a nemesis in the neighborhood -- a huge black cat who spends most of the time outdoors and wants to consider our yard part of its territory.

She came home looking sound and healthy. We're guessing that she found some friendly souls who sheltered her inside their home until this sunny afternoon. She has been known to wheedle neighbors into feeding her. If dogs have owners and cats have staff, as the saying goes, she seems to think that most people are hers to claim.

At one time, she and the dog next door were on friendly terms. One evening, our neighbor heard her dog barking up the stairwell, something that he never does. She went up the stairs to see what might have provoked his barking. In the darkness, something furry brushed against her. It was our cat, who had somehow gotten inside their house and had made herself at home.

Now, she's sleeping and eating and relaxing in the house where she belongs. We are glad she's back.


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