Friday, August 14, 2009

Here's a post that discusses something I hadn't thought much about: legal issues involving blogging. Since I have been involved in the writing business in some way or another for my adult life, I do stay somewhat mindful of copyright issues. However, blogging and social media are changing the way the written word is dissemanated. That opens up new opportunities for people to express themselves. With every new opportunity, there also comes a new challenge, and that is certainly true of blogging. I hope you'll enjoy the article I've linked to.


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TopazTook said...

I've been mindful of it as well (like you, I have involvement in the publishing industry, so I'm perhaps more cognizant of this than others). Another area where I find this a concern is organizations (women's groups, churches, etc.) posting their newsletters online -- and using "some cute little thing I found on the Internet" for filler. Frequently, that cute little thing is under someone else's copyright.