Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Let's Review --
Simplicity Dryer Sheets

Has anyone tried the Simplicity hypoallergenic/non-toxic/biodegradable fabric softener/dryer sheets from WalMart?

I have bought other dryer sheets and fabric softeners, but, honestly, I do not use them very much. I decided yesterday that with the humid weather coming, I'd like to use something to keep my fabrics soft and fresh. So, I decided to browse the fabric care section.

The first thing to catch my eye about the Simplicity dryer sheets is that they are hypoallergenic. We are in serious allergy season here, and I could try out for a part in Snow White as Sneezy or Wheezy or Sleepy. Any little thing I can do to avoid extra allergens right now is a bonus.

Only after I checked out this hypoallergenic claim did I realize that the sheets are also supposed to be earth friendly.

I bought the unscented kind, and the lack of scent is probably at least a contributing factor to their being hypoallergenic. I read this morning that Simplicity also offers a lavender scented kind, also. I didn't think this through very well, as fabric freshness is at least as important to me as the softness factor -- especially in summer. So, I do not know if an unscented fabric softener will impart freshness. However, softness is important to DH, so I am interested to see if he will like the results of a drying with these sheets as much as he does when I use something like Downy.

For a non-toxic product, the Simplicity box carries a lot of warnings about the proper use. Most of these precautions are the kind you see on any cleaning product: not to be ingested, if swallowed call physician immediately, flush eyes with water if it comes into contact with eyes, keep away from pets and children.

It's also not to be used on flame resistant items, as it reduces flame resistance. I do not have small children in the house, so that is not an issue for me. But, if I were still washing children's jammies, I wonder if I would have seen that note on the box before buying it.

You see, dryer sheets are such a common item, I assumed I knew how to use it without reading all of the fine print. I was in a hurry to get groceries put away and to move laundry through the process, and I was eager to try a new product. So, I just tossed a sheet in without reading the directions.

Consequently, I also missed the fact that you are supposed to divide the perforated sheet into two sections and throw both sections into the dryer. This is to keep one large sheet from clogging up the dryer vents and causing a fire. Fortunately, I did not cause a fire.

Anyhow, this was a good reminder to me to read everything on a box before you purchase a new item or even a familiar item in a different brand than you normally use. And, likewise, if there are any inside instructions, you should read those before using.

The box says there is a chance of the sheets spotting fabric, but it gives simple directions for remedying this. I had no problems with spotting on my first trial.

So far, I have only used the sheets once, and that was for white bedsheets. The bedsheets are soft, but they tend to be soft, anyway, so I can't tell a discernible difference. So, it's too early for me to comment about the fabric softener sheet's performance.

However, I'm happy to see that manufacturers are attempting to provide affordable health-friendly and environment-friendly products.

If you'd like to check out Simplicity's line, visit their web site at

If you have used these dryer sheets, I'd love to hear your review. Leave a comment!



Elizabeth said...

You know what you can use instead of fabric softner or dryer sheets? White vinegar. We have been using it for a while now. It really works and the clothes do not come out smelling like vinegar.

Elizabeth said...

I think I'll try the vinegar thing, too. In the past, I've used baking soda and also borax at times.

I also use vinegar to set colors.

Thanks for the tip.