Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Genuinally French Perspective...

Some of you may have read the posts I did on France and French culture for the Finishing School. I was a little bit nervous about it, as I am not truly French. I've just studied a lot about French culture and history and have traveled there a couple of times -- once to study for a summer.

So, I am very happy that Lilith dropped by my blog and left some helpful comments to my posts. She is from France and, therefore, she has a truly French perspective. So, please check out her comments for some genuine insights into French culture and history. When I finally get around to posting all of the Finishing School entries onto the main site, I will ask her if she would mind adding her two cents to the posts about France.

It was also helpful to have Eva post about Europe during her week of the Finishing School, as she, being Belgian, was able to help us learn about her own country and the countries nearby.

It's wonderful that the Internet is bringing us a new and easy way to interact with other cultures.


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