Tuesday, April 10, 2007

SOS -- A Home Keeping Question For Which I Do Not Know the Answer...In other words, you get to write the post today!

My husband is a computer engineer and does a lot of his work from home, which means that we have cables and things plugged in everywhere. On top of that, we have computers, various cell and cordless phones, battery charged hand vacuums, battery charged home improvement tools, and battery charged gardening tools that must be plugged in somewhere. And, we have lamps with long cords, etc. We do have some cord covers which are designed to fit on a cord that runs across a floor. And, I saw a neat thing on HGTV where someone sewed a gauzy tube to cover up a cord. But, otherwise, I'm at a loss as to how to hide all of these various gismos and their respective cords.

So, what do you do with any gadgets in your house that must be charged or plugged into an outlet? Where do you store them all? Do you have any tricks for concealing cords for lamps or tools? Do any of you have husbands whose job requires they have equipment with lots of cords at home that you must learn to vacuum around? If so, how do you handle the vacuuming around these items?

If you have any hints for me, I'd appreciate them!



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I'm happy to have found yours and will enjoy reading through your many posts in days ahead.

As to the computer cords... We purchased a 'cord catcher' type thing from IKEA, that keeps wild cords etc at bay. While we have this store nearby, I believe one can order online as well. www.ikea.com

Blessings, Sherry

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Sherry.

I will look for the cord catcher from the IKEA site.


Anonymous said...

On our TV unit we have TV, satelite box, digital box, DVD player, video player and hubby's playstation. Hubby drilled a hole in the back of our pine TV unit and ran all the wires out of the back where you can't see them.

I know that some people actually embed some wires for more permanent items like wall speakers by running the wires through trunking and embedding them in the plaster.

Some wires though you just can't hide :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the tips, Sarah. I'm taking any and all help on this question! I'm going to do my best to hide as many wires as I can.

Jacran Cottage said...

I remember seeing something somewhere (for the life of me I can't remember where), but it kind of like an appliance garage in the kitchen, a cupboard where you could put your cell phone, PDA, and other rechargable gizmos in and close the door so they were out of the way. If I remember where I saw this I'll let you know.

Sandra said...

Hi Elizabeth, I was going to suggest Ikea, too, but I see it's already been mentioned. :o)

One thing that I do with cords, when possible, is gather them all together and then tape them to the leg (at the back, nearest the wall) of the desk or table. I use electrical tape which is black. You can find coloured duct tape, too, if you don't want to use black.

How about a basket to keep cords and charges in while they're not in use. I've seen lidded baskets and even hat boxes that would look pretty and do the job, too.

Hope these suggestions help!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jacran -- That's exactly what I need -- some kind of garage or cupboard to store away all of those things.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Sandra -- great ideas. I'm going to try the tape thing.