Thursday, January 25, 2007

I took a test that Emma mentions on her blog: "Which Jane Austen character are you?" I was dearly hoping to be sweet and sensible Elinor Dashwood. But, I turned out to be Emma Woodhouse, with an almost equal dash of Marianne Dashwood thrown in for good measure.

So, I want to know how the test detected my secret urge to matchmake every single person who comes within my sphere of acquaintance? I do try not to act on that meddlesome trait. :)

And, how did the test detect that I, like Marianne, could do with a just a tad more sense and a little less sensiblity?

Hmff. The test must be rigged.

Really, it's a fun test to take, especially if you love Jane Austen. Check out Quiz to locate this quiz.


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