Tuesday, October 31, 2006

From Housekeeping for Two Alice L. James 1911

"When the weather is pleasant and cool an excellent time for the daily walk is directly after luncheon. It is most important that everyone should spend a part of every day in the health-giving open air. If one has a stoop with awnings, or a shaded porch or garden, the matter is easy to arrange. Sewing and reading under such favored conditions can be enjoyed out of doors, at any time during the day, when spare or waiting moments are at one's disposal.

"Now and then little gardening can be done. Digging about the plants, weeding and water, is fascinating work, or to run the little grass-cutter over soft turft is an exercise to be enjoyed. But, when there are none of these privileges, a leisurely walk may take their place and bring one home rosy and invigorated in body and spirit."

My note: Well, as Mrs. Walker does, I believe in theory that everyone is more healthful when they get outside at least once a day -- in all but the worst weather. When my children were very young, I saw the difference in their mood and their quality of sleep when they spent lots of time playing in the fresh air. It's sad to me that many children are kept inside so much these days. And, then, parents wonder why they are cranky and whiny. But, at any rate, I'm not one to preach on that right now. I have quit being concious of getting fresh air every day for myself, so I intend to remedy that. Today is a good day to begin -- It's nice and sunny here. :)


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Mrs Blythe said...

We are planning just this after our lunch - a nice walk in the fresh air. My poor little ones have been stuck inside for too long with their illnesses they look so pale!