Monday, July 16, 2007

Our Finishing School Progress:

The weeks are flying by! If you've been following along with our "Online Finishing School for Ladies", you'll have taken a look a the following "classes".

Week I -- Emma, whose blog is so beautifully named, "Charming the Birds from the Trees," gave us a wonderful start with some tips on improving our personal presentation. She covered a little bit about grooming, posture, the attidude we project, etc.
Week II -- We took a bit of a vactation, as it was Independence Day in the U.S. ( I always want to write that it was the Fourth of July in the U.S., but it was the Fourth of July everywhere!) I did, however, do some posts on this blog about some American ladies who exemplified qualities a woman might learn in Finishing School.
Week III -- We looked at French language, culture, etc. You'll find those posts on this blog, as well.

This week, Julieann is going to take us on a step by step journey to make a decorated lemon cake. We were both excited when we came across this simple recipe for a lovely cake that anyone can ice and decorate. Julieann altered the recipe for us to make it even more simple. You will not need any special equipment to decorate the cake. While you're on Julieann's site, check out one of her past posts for her homemade bagel recipe!

If you decide to make this cake with us and you are able to take a picture and post it on your personal blog, we'd love to see how yours turned out. Julieann is doing the cake for us as it was meant to be done. You can follow her directions exactly. Or, you can add any little touches to your own cake to make yours personal. For example, I think I'm going to see how a few mint leaves look along with the lemon slices.

This week, I hope to get our archive site up and running. We will use that page to store all of our Finishing School posts for quite some time. That way, if you missed a week or two or if you'd like to look back at them for reference, you'll be able to find them all on one easy site.

Towards the end of the week, we'll tell you about the next week's surprise class!



Amy said...

Thank you so very much for putting this lovely idea into action. All of the posts have been enjoyable and have taught me such neat new things. :o)

Charree said...

Oh what a neat idea. I really like this finishing school program.

Charree said...

Elizabeth, I was wondering if you would mind if I put a link to your website and the finishing school onto my blog?

Mimi said...

Hi Mrs. Brigham:

I'm glad you're enjoying the posts. Emma deserves a lot of credit, as she is a partner in this endeavor.

Charee, I'm glad you're enjoying the posts, as well. Yes, please feel free to llink to the website and the finishing school.

Also, anyone who wants to use the finishing school button to let people know about the school feel free to use it.